Frquently Asked Questions


Customer Question #1

Question:  Is there a fee for the consultation?

Answer: The consultation is to provide information and inform you of available solutions, and various products for you and your family. The consultation does not cost. Thank you for your question.


Customer Question #2

Question: What is a discount health plan?

Answer:  Medical Professionals, in various medical fields,  provide a service at discounted rates. This plan can be used as a supplement to assist with co-pays, self-employed, etc. It is Not Health Insurance. Thank you for your question.


Customer Question #3

Question:  How can you help me with my business and personal travel? I'm a Independent contractor, and I travel a lot.  

Answer:  For many contractors, they work away from the home. We book flights for going 'into market',  your rotation home, and hotel stays, etc. We also provide full travel services, business and personal, we can assist with those vacation plans. Thank you for your question.